What is the alternative vote AV?

The Alternative Vote (AV) is a better way to elect government representative. It allows voters to rank their choices in case their first choice does not count.

AV is also known as "rank choice", "preferential voting" and "instant-run-off".  It had been used in Canada, Australia, Ireland, and England at various levels.

Instead of marking an "X", voters list number 1,2,3 etc.
It is used to elect MPs in Australia, the president of Ireland, and many of the biggest cities around the world use choice voting including London, San Francisco, Aspen, Oakland and Memphis.

Most political parties use some version of it, including the federal Conservatives, Liberals, Green Party and the British Labour Party.

They use it because it reduces tension between candidates and ensures the winner has the broadest community support.

AV is simple for voters and for elections officials.

It does not require computers or new districts, and voters only have to rank the candidates which they support..

AV allows voters to cast a protest vote for independents, smaller parties and issue based concerns in their riding without worrying about splitting the vote.

AV gives voters more ways to express how they want their country, province, or city to be run.

AV also encourages candidates to cooperate with each other by encouraging their supporters to support another candidate.

Alternative Vote Counting

AV is simple. All of the votes are counted, and if no one wins a majority of the votes, one by one we eliminate the candidates with the least support and their votes can go to their second choice. It ensures that every candidate who wins receives the broadest support in their community.

No longer will voters have to choose between voting their conscious and voting for one of the more popular candidate. Now they can vote for both.